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The mineral is defined as minerals that occur naturally by various internal and external factors, in the form of compositions called sprouts in the earth's crust.

What are the General Features of Mines?

Mines are rarely found pure in nature. It is extracted in the form of compounds called sprouts in the soil and offered for use after processing and purification. Mineral ores are found in nature as veins or beds between layers.

How are mines extracted?

Professional experts are needed to remove the mines without damage. Specialists who are trained and gained experience in mining engineering can use facilities in different parts of the country. The mines, which are removed with great care and patience without any damage, are sent to the facilities for later processing. Some mines are hard, and others must be handled carefully to avoid damage. opening the mine in Turkey is advantageous to contribute to the production of different materials.

It is important to have high tenor rate in order to open the mines concentrated in the Black Sea, Mediterranean and Central Anatolia Regions. At the same time, it should also be in areas with easy access. Apart from the mentioned factors, the presence of capital in order to open a mine is among the basic elements to be considered.

What Are the Usage Areas of Mines?

Mining varieties used in different fields, especially in the food and drink sector in Turkey. Sulfur extracted in Kütahya and Isparta regions is preferred for the production of explosives and artificial fertilizers besides the pharmaceutical industry. Likewise, gold is used to meet the jewelry needs of women. Iron and aluminum are one of the strong elements preferred in the automotive industry.

Bauxite is among the precious metals used in automotive and household goods. Boron mineral is used in the creation of aircraft fuels. Tungsten is preferred in the paint and electrical industry. Chrome, which is produced in Fethiye, Milas and Dalaman circles, is used in metalware production. Zinc is one of the preferred mines for many years in the coating of batteries. Marble, which is evaluated in kitchens and residences, is one of the widely used mineral options.

How Are Mining Pits Opened To Operation?

It must meet certain conditions for the operation of the mines. We can list these conditions as items as follows;

Grade: The percentage of valuable elements or compounds in the ore extracted from mines is called grade. In order for the mine to be operational, the rate of tenor in the ore must be high. If the precious mineral ratio will not bring profit, the furnace will not be put into operation.

State of the Mining Sector in Turkey

Turkey has 0.3% of the world reserves of mineral and raw materials. More than half of Meerschaum and gray salt reserves located in Turkey. Our country's need for mines increases by 8% every year. It is more important how much of the reserves are more than how many are extracted and used. Because many countries do not have enough financial power to mine and process it.

Turkey is among the fortunate countries in the world in terms of mineral deposits. More than 50 kinds of minerals extracted in the world 29 is located in Turkey. This is to ensure Turkey also among the top ten countries in the world.