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If we are not aware of cobalt, it has begun to take place in our lives. How Does? You say. Cobalt constitutes the basic substance of the batteries of many electronic devices we use, from electric cars to the batteries of mobile phones in our pocket.

When Was Cobalt Found By?

Cobalt; German is derived from the word "kobolt", which means "bad spirit, genie or ghoul". Cobalt is a hard and dark metal, durable and resistant to oxidation. In ancient times, it was used as a dye substance without fully understanding its content. Cobalt, a metal that was discovered later than nickel, was discovered in 1735 by the Swedish chemist and mineralogist George Brandt.

It was understood that cobalt was used in pendant beads, Egyptian sculptures and figurines, blue porcelain plates and vases in Ming Dynasty, and glass from Tang Dynasty in China during 3000 BC.

Cobalt, which is 0.001 in the Earth's crust; It is supplied as a by-product of ores such as iron, nickel, copper, zinc and manganese. The places where pure cobalt is used in metal form are few and it is used in high rates in the composition of different alloys.

Where Is Cobalt Used?

Glass and metal joints, jet engine gas turbines

In the production of stainless steel

In magnets and data storage devices

Super alloys in Jet Engine gas turbines

In the electroplating process

High capacity lithium batteries used in electronics

Color pigments in the paint industry

Cobalt has a wide range of uses in the petroleum, ceramics and glass industries.

What is the Chemical Structure of Cobalt?

The cobalt chemical symbol is referred to as 'Co'. The area in the 4th period of the VIII-B group of the element table is in the metal group. It shows similar specifications with iron and nickel in the same group. The atomic weight is 58.933200 and the atomic number is 27. It has a malleable hardness, it is metallic. Its melting point is 1493 degrees, boiling point is 3100 degrees. Oxidized at 300 degrees; oxidation ability is less than iron.

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