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Usage Areas of Zinc

Usage Areas of Zinc

Considering the usage, the zinc element is one of the most important elements among the metals other than the iron element, after the copper element and the aluminum element.

It is frequently used in making the iron and steel element resistant to corrosion, especially in the production of alloys used in the casting field and brass-containing alloys.

Zinc is used in roofing materials, making zinc plates and making tires (used in the form of ZnO). From a commercial point of view, zinc never loses its importance. While other metals lose their importance or are in the race, the element of zinc always maintains its importance.When we look at the total zinc consumption:

50% is used in galvanized steel production

20% is used in rice production

15% cast is used

8% is used in the production of zinc oxide.

7% is frequently used in the production of semi-fabricated products.

When we look at the use of zinc in the building and construction sector, there are limitations because it is ecotoxic.

The use of zinc as a substitute material is aluminum, magnesium and plastics, and especially in the automotive sector.

When sulfur-based ores, which are mostly produced in our country, are unfortunately not available for smelting in our country, they are exported abroad as enriched zinc-lead ores or as concentrated forms. It is an important export item.

"Did you know that throughout history, zinc was first used by the Romans and the Chinese to make brass as an alloying material in the 2000s BC?"

"Did you know that the oldest zinc residue throughout history was detected on a piece of sculpture at a rate of 87% in the city of Doroseh in Romania?"

It is estimated that zinc entered the European market commercially in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Zinc ranks third among the metals with the highest annual consumption in the world. Steel takes the first place and aluminum is the second.

The biggest reason why zinc is used so much is that it is actively used in the production of alloys and compounds in industrial products.

Zinc has strong electropositivity and with this feature it provides protection of metals against corrosion.

Areas where zinc is used as the main product:


-Press casting alloys

-Brass and bronze alloys

Zinc oxide

They are rolled zinc alloys.

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